Integrated Energy Planning

Planning is a critical first step in the design of any large-scale energy program and TRC takes pride in its ability to effectively plan and design successful programs for its clients. Services that TRC provides during the planning phase include:

  • Creating and implementing an effective regulatory system
  • Identifying reactor technologies and determining best applications
  • Completing site selection studies
  • Evaluating and selecting reactor designs
  • Ensuring necessary documentation to support licensing
  • Performing contracts management
  • Overseeing plant construction, construction verification, plant start-up, acceptance testing, fuel acquisition, and fueling, and operations
  • Planning for decommissioning, fuel disposition, and waste disposal

Components of our NPP Master Plan include:

Site Selection External Interface Management
Environmental Protection Scope, Schedule, and Cost Control
Technology Evaluation Training
Design Selection Procurement & Contracts Management
Change Control Safety
Acceptance and Test Safeguards and Security
Baseline Management Emergency Response
Public Relations Construction
Planning Basis & Assumptions Configuration Management
NPP Organization Start-up and Operations
Regulatory Processes Waste Management
Requirements Management Decommissioning
Internal Interface Management Fuel Disposition