Project Management

TRC uses proven successful management processes for planning, monitoring and controlling projects, and reporting progress. We pay attention to detail and provide expert advice and clear guidance to staff and contractors to achieve our clients’ desired results.

      Our approach includes:

      • Assigning experienced professionals that have demonstrated success on large complex projects
      • Using technical experts when and where they are required
      • Carefully listening to our clients and analyzing the situation to gain a clear understanding of requirements and expectations
      • Working effectively and efficiently, weighing risks and costs, in formulating our recommended actions and execution of tasks
      • Actively communicating with our clients to keep them well informed
      • Selecting contractors that have a proven track record in the technical disciplines required
      • Motivating contractors to do quality work, on schedule, and within budget
      • Training personnel so that our clients develop and retain a knowledge base that ensures there are always qualified personnel to support the Nuclear Power Program