R&D Support

High Technology Support to Research and Production Projects

TRC has the ability and flexibility to be responsive to our client’s technical and business objectives.  We employ experienced professionals and established business systems, policies, and procedures to provide high-quality products and services.  Our technical and management approaches are proven successful and cost competitive.  We provide support to high-technology projects within industry, the national laboratories, and universities.  We provide our clients with senior personnel that have extensive experience supporting highly regulated projects related to our national security and energy independence.

Triga Reactor Core

TRC’s substantial technical capability and professional orientation provides the basis of our approach to solving problems and accomplishing project objectives.  We assign appropriately trained and experienced personnel who are qualified to assess and work-to-closure the particular issue(s) of concern.  We are careful to listen and analyze a situation to gain a clear understanding of our client’s expectations.  We work quickly and efficiently, weighing the risks and costs to our clients in formulating our approaches, and in execution of our work.  Our attention to excellence, taking time to understand our client’s priorities and concerns; our adherence to cost and schedule; and our approach to quality and regulatory compliance ensure that each project is managed to closure in an effective and efficient manner.

TRC provides the following advantages to our clients:

  • A contractor with financial and organizational stability;
  • A full-time, dedicated management team;
  • A full-range of expert professionals to anticipate and solve technical and management problems;
  • The ability to mobilize and de-mobilize staff quickly to meet project requirements;
  • Real world, hands-on experience that provides the knowledge to avoid error, gain efficiency and achieve mission goals;
  • An ISO 9000 compliant, NQA-1 quality assurance program that is simple, adaptable, and has proven successful on technically challenging and tightly regulated projects;
  • A zero accident safety record that reflects our corporate culture and our employee’s commitment to safety;
  • A working knowledge of regulatory requirements applicable to NRC licensing and EPA certification;
  • A recognized successful track record of providing technical, project management, and strategic planning support to energy projects.

TRC staff have worked with the U.S. National Laboratories on cutting edge technology research and material production projects, including tuned laser applications, MEMS (microelectromechanical) systems, materials characterization, silicon-based microelectronics, semiconductor production and printed electronics.

TRC’s professionals consistently provide innovative solutions to complex problems.