Systems Engineering

TRC uses Systems Engineering to design and manage large, complex projects for its clients. This requires the integration of specialty engineering (e.g., human interface systems, reliability and maintainability analysis, integrated logistics support, etc.); stakeholders (e.g., regulators, contractual customers, procurement and material handlers, vendors and subcontractors, etc.); functional support services (e.g., ES&H, QA, facilities, etc.); and technology.

TRC conducts a complete requirements analysis to ensure a full and complete understanding of customer needs, constraints, interfaces, regulations, etc., and translates them into requirements. We will identify one or more solutions consistent with the defined and derived requirements using the following tools and processes:

  • Total Quality Management
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure
  • Human System Integration
  • Decision Analysis/Trade-Off Studies
  • Effectiveness Analysis
  • Requirements Management
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Integration Management
  • Data Management
  • Master Schedule
  • Project Deliverable Tracking
  • Baseline Change Control
  • Decision Database
  • Commitment Tracking
  • Reviews and Self-Assessments
  • Knowledge Management