NPP Training Academy

TRC’s Nuclear Power Program (NPP) Training Academy offers a¬†full range of nuclear training¬†to address the required aspects of nuclear regulation, science, and technology; reactor plant design, construction, operation, and decommissioning; and fuel disposition and waste disposal.

Training emphasizes important areas such as procedure compliance, safety systems, material safeguards, plant security, environmental compliance, conduct-of- operations, fuel management, and waste minimization.

Our approach to nuclear training includes:

  • Analyze the jobs to be performed
  • Identify learning objectives based upon the job requirements
  • Develop training materials and courses to implement the learning objectives
  • Employ the best instructors to present the course work
  • Instill pride and discipline while training the students
  • Evaluate the students depth of understanding of the material presented through written and practical examinations
  • Revise the training materials and methods based on job performance
  • Establish an independent Accreditation Board to review and approve the quality and extent of training

NPP Training Academy Curriculum

Mathematics General and Nuclear Physics
Electrical Theory and Generating Equipment Nuclear Reactor Technology
Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Flow Chemistry
Materials Science and Metallurgy Health Physics and Radiation Protection
Reactor Principles Reactor Engineering
Basic Electricity Instrumentation and Control Equipment
AC And DC Circuits Hydraulic Systems
Industrial Safety Fire Safety
Emergency Response Safety Systems, Structures, and Components
Principles Of Maintenance Nuclear Material Safeguards and Security
Nuclear Waste Management Environmental Awareness and Protection
Hazardous Waste Management Radiation Monitoring
Conduct of Nuclear Operations Nuclear Management Systems


The world is facing a shortage of nuclear specialists because of a lack of training programs and students to replace those about to retire”
~Dr. Mohamed El Baradei